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My name is Suzanne Perry from West Seneca, NY. I am a journalist, 3-time business owner and domestic violence victim advocate.

I have very recently traveled coast to coast on a mission to promote peace thru music, promoting non-violence and non-judgment.

In August, there is a 2-day concert called the EXPOSURE Concert: Because Love Shouldn’t Hurt. It currenly has 31 acts signed up, and will be streamed live round the world. It’s based on the theory that if those who abused, were exposed they wouldn’t do it.

We are crankin the volume and turning up the spotlight, to expose abusers.

Nobody deserves it, ever. If you google Suzanne Perry plus violence, my work will fill your screen.

I have just come to realize that nobody is a voice, to take a stand against domestic violence and abuse. I am not pro-women, because women are just as bad, if not worse ad demeaning their partner. I write to help people undertand why it happens, and help victims out of the fog. Abusers are actually cowards.

I have an Examiner column as the Buffalo Small Business Startup Examiner, as well as Blog4Change, Aidpage, Google Blogger, BraveHeartWomen, and various other blogs around the internet.

I photograph everything and share it with the world. What good is happiness if you don’t share it?

I love people and spread smiles, hugs and business cards, to spread my mission of peace and non-violence, especially thru music.

Enjoy the ride.