The OP Music House, Inc., is a new non-profit music venue and recording studio for young adults, and subsequent (for-profit) coffee house. It’s currently a work-in-progress.

This venture was conceived by Suzanne Perry, a domestic violence victim of 22 years, turned victim advocate and popular journalist. It has been founded in the name of all impacted by domestic violence and abuse, be it spousal or familial.

The OP Music House will give young adults ability to relax, unwind, create, use the venue to musically practice, perform and have open mike. Concerts can be held there, it can be also be used as a meeting place. Musicians and those in the field will be regular key speakers and mentors, and interactive enrichment sessions will be held to raise self-esteem and bring out artistic talents.   Furthermore, patrons can get hands-on exposure to recording and mixing their own music in the basic recording studio.  It will also feature free wi-fi.